Rasheeda: The Full Interview

Check out our interview with Love and Hip Hop's own Rasheeda from a few years back!

G: So let's get to it, you've gotten to work with some pretty interesting people from Petey Pablo to Nivea, to Cherish. Who were some of your favorites to work with over the years?

R: My favorites, Akon, Dream of course, Kandi Burruss. Who else did I work with that I just totally enjoyed? Gosh, I mean I've worked with so many people it doesn't even make sense. It's a lot of people.

G: I can dig it. So what is Peach Candy?

R: Yeah, that was actually a few years back it's me and Kandi formerly of Xscape. Kandi is on Real Housewives of Atlanta and we've known each other for years even before she was in Xscape. At the time I was working on my Dat Type of Gurl album and she sent me a hook that she did on the track and I loved it. I wrote the record, came back and when I came back I said come to the studio. When I recorded it she came and she ended up doing a little bit more on the song. Then we said let's do some more records and we decided to do some more records and long story short, we just kept working and did a whole bunch of records and said you know what, we could be a group but we could call it Peach Candy.

G: I love the name combination of two talents. Okay many people coin you the Queen of Crunk. Do you embrace that name and how does it feel to know that people call you that? That's a heavy crown to wear.

R: It is. I embrace it though because they call me that because of what they saw. They saw that I was a very energetic performer you know I could hang with the boys, I entertain the crowd and I go hard so I definitely took the title and was like yeah I'll take it yeah it's a pretty heavy crown I can handle it though! I'm a boss chick I got this.

G: I love it! Alright now I know you had in addition to your albums a few mix tapes out. What's the importance of mixtapes in addition to albums in your opinion?

R: You know what for me it's just constantly feeding the fanbase you know staying consistent and putting out music you know. I'm a firm believer you gotta continue to keep yourself relevant and put stuff out there and stay consistent and that's why I like to do it. On top of that you know being independent is a great way to have fun and do different things when its a album sometimes it's a lot more serious when its a mixtape you can have a whole lot of fun so I like to do that and do different things and see what people like and it's been very influential my career so far.

G: Now you've been recently casted on VH1's Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. What has that experience been like so far?

R: It's been crazy, you're never really prepared for what comes along with being on the biggest show on television you're stepping into this situation not even knowing it would be the biggest show on TV. It's a give and take and a lot comes with it. It's extremely demanding but it's a hell of a experience and it's a great platform for somebody like me who has a lot of things already under their belt. You know you gotta take the bitter with the sweet cause a lot comes along with you becoming a celebrity on television too. But at the end of the day I'm good.

G: Do you think that it's helped your career and what you were already trying to do?

R: Oh yeah I definitely think it's elevated everything and it's definitely broadened my fanbase really wide.

G: You've certainly become a household name at this point. Let's get into what's your favorite part of being in the industry and then you can also tell me your least.

R: My favorite part is performing. I love performing it's fun. Fans hollerin' back your lyrics and talking to you and just standing there and celebrating and having fun with you is a great thing.

G: What is your least favorite would you say?

R: The industry can be kind of real phoney and fake to me it can just be wack as hell sometimes. You gotta know when to separate what's real. People come at you with stuff that's just a bunch of b*******. That's what I really don't like about it. People sit there and tell you something in your face and when you walk off they'll talk about your a** like a dog.

G: It's definitely cut throat. I definitely feel like you have to have a backbone especially if you want to have longevity. So, tell us who is Rasheeda is because a lot of people have heard your name, we know how long you've been in the industry, and now we've been let into your personal life so we know a little bit more about you but Rasheeda the artist how would you describe yourself?

R: Rasheeda is that empowering, motivating, confident girl next door. A respected, classy, driven motivated woman who is livin' life, who makes mistakes, who learns from the mistakes. A woman who's just looking forward to growing and being better and somebody who just wants to see women be classy and respect themselves and move forward and move ahead because we are so strong and have so much influence. I'm just a woman trying to get in where she fits in in this game of life.

G: Which leads me to your take on females in the industry and the dynamic of what it takes to be successful and how that's changed. What is your opinion on the female rap game and what is receptive today?

R: I think that we just have to learn how to let some things fly out the window and focus on the music and not so much the competition aspect of it. I wish it was a little more unity on that part. But most of all as the females we gotta stay consistent. These dudes are constantly putting music out ..... and that's where the problem is. But we want to reap the benefits of all the great s***. We have to be smarter than we are in the industry and to keep females out the first thing they want to do is be beefing with each other over some b*******. People would love to see that though.

G: So what are you working on right now? Tell everybody what's coming up for you.

R: I'm preparing for the Marry Me video,  I just left the Breakfast Club,  my new album Boss Chick is out right now and it's doin' really well. The single Marry Me is the first single. I also have my website, and thats doing extremely well and of course Love and Hip Hop Atlanta so stay tuned!

G: Well thank you so much Rasheeda and we are definitely over here gonna be looking out for you as you do big things!