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From Def Jam, Hot 97, Lyrical Takeova Radio, and now Graffiti On The Wall Magazine, J-TiX has certainly built his reputation within the media/music industry and is ready take it to the next level. Growing up between New York and New Jersey and listening to radio stations like Hot 97, J-TiX has always had a love for music and radio. Born in Washington Heights, NY, Justin ‘J-TiX’ Tixi began discovering his love for music, specifically Hip Hop and R&B, at the age of nine years old. His major influences in music were all heard through the airwaves of radio, and that’s where it all began.


J-TiX is currently building up his brand, with the latest addition being FIF7HS Music, to bring back the essence of true Hip Hop and urban culture. Along with his projects, he is determined to bring everything he’s got to Graffiti On The Wall Magazine and continue to grow within media. With excitement, passion, and drive, there’s no telling what he has up his sleeve. Stay tuned for the greatness to come…

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Sapphire Monet

Although I do appreciate Hip Hop music, there's just something about R&B and Soul that really brings it home for me. In the case of Sapphire Monet, she uses those same elements and combines them with Funk Rock & Pop. Born in Brooklyn, NY, you already know she has that swag and only amplifies it more with her soulful voice. Will you be seduced by the vocal sounds of Sapphire Monet? Let's find out more and see what she has to say...

J: You come from a very talented family of musicians and writers. Did their influence guide you into making music or was this something you always knew deep down you would do? 

S: It was definitely something I knew deep down that I wanted to do. Although my family is swarmed with writers, singers, & currently mainstream artists but can I be honest? lol I wasn't really inspired by them (is that harsh) I'm Sorry lol it was experiences; my life experiences that influenced me. The universe blessed me with this gift and I had to flourish in my own energy and that's ok! There's nothing wrong with that lol

J: If you can remember, what was the first song you ever sang? What did that represent for you? 

S: The Lord's Prayer at Carnegie Hall! I was 5 years old and till this day (even tho I'm not Christian) I remember those words vividly & it still helps me in life!

J: From what I can see, you are a traveling woman! In your most recent travels, you discovered a fan outside the US who was very excited about meeting you and loves your music. Shoutout to the international status! How did that make you feel as an artist?

S: You see it happen but never think you will personally experience it. My heart was so full. She was so excited & I had no clue why she was so happy lol One of the BEST moments in my life & career! 

J: What do you feel your music does for others? What is your personal creative process behind your art?

S: I think my music motivates and inspires people to create originally....whatever that art may be. My music represents authenticity and I feel people are inspired to be true to themselves through my words. The creative process behind my art involves meditating & a lot of it lol I listen to a lot of old school music and always told myself to be transparent and because of that I'm able to fluidly progress in my passion and it's a beautiful journey!

J: Your mother has always been a driving force behind your musical career. She has definitely earned the title "Mom-ager of the Year." How important do you think it is to have family invested into your career and why?

S: I think it's VERY important for family to invest in my career; it's a different feeling to know your family is supporting your vision...because well by default we expect them to - why because there family. BUT that's not always the case though lol I'm not entitled to anything AND I won't allow someone to be entitled to my success either because of "investments" - I was raised to work for everything! There are NO words to express My MOMager's investments, dedication and support! She's unexplainable. A true angel. 

J: You took a great risk moving out to LA on your own to pursue your passions. How was that like and what did you gain from it?

S: It was a beautiful yet scary experience! I thank everyone that was there to look out for me but it cultivated me to be strong! It cultivated my determination. It helped my endurance! I was alone had never been to the west coast, I just took the chance and went. I gained courage, confidence, and independence. I gained a new way of thinking about life. I gained freedom!  

J: Where do you see your music career going in the next five years? Do you want to remain independent or would you ever think about signing onto a label?

S: Ok I don't want to interrupt what the universe has for me in it's time. So what I may want 5 years from now the universe may have set up for me next month lol so I'll say I want to continue to flourish, grow in my craft and live my dream!

J: Your genre of music is very soulful but also fun and funky all at the same time. How did you come up with such a unique sound? Was your sound always the same or do you feel as though it's changed over time?

S: I was obsessed with Funk and my mom loved rock and roll. Every Saturday I woke up to Chaka Khan and Tina Tuner while doing my chores lol I fell in love with Jimi Hendrix at the age of 15 I said if I do music it has to be different and completely me because that's what I saw in these artists..... Authenticity!!! I wanted to do both but didn't know how. I had a dream I saw the letters "FR" in red directly in front of me. I woke up and put it together FUNKROCK? Yea that's it lol I feel my sound has evolved with me. When you listen to Sapphire Monet now?! you hear the sound of FunkRock!

J: If you could work with ONE person in the music industry past or present, who would it be and why?

S: Jimi Hendrix! Personally he's my hero!! Brave, unapologetic and unique. He was fearless and VERY smart. A musical genius!!! I just want 5 minutes with the King forget a record lol

J: What projects and events do you have lined up for 2017? Knowing you, I know you have a lot of things brewing up. Give the fans a little taste of what's to come.

S: Imma keep that a secret BUT I will say GOTW will be the FIRST to get exclusives on what's new with Sapphire Monet :) 

J: What advice, if any, can you offer future aspiring artists that want to pursue a career in music? 

S: Be original in a world of duplicates. Don't give up! ANYTHING is possible. Work Hard!!! Never say never only say it when your saying "never say never" lol

J: Any shout outs?

S: Shouts out to The PhireTribe all the Funksters. Shouts out to my MOMager & my "FR" Team Shouts to ALL of my Overseas Funksters, Shiuts to LA and BIG Shouts To My Hometown BROOKLYN!!!